Blaine gets his later Whenever he decides to come back.

Rachel - A new pair of designer boots. And a picture frame that says ‘Best Friends’ with a picture of us in it. (You should put this on your night stand at Hogwarts *winks*)
Santana- A new red dress to show off in. And a broom cleaning set.
Brittany- A blanket with rainbows and unicorns on it. And a hat that looks like Rudolph. (To remind you of the time we went into the Forbidden Forest to look for Unicorns)
Quinn- A new sweater, because it gets cold in the castle. Plus, a cool little brain sculpture, because we always think alike!
Sam - A new chest to hide all of your snacks in. It will fit under your bed. Plus, some snacks to put in it!
Finn - A new game for your x-box, and some homemade cookies!
Sebastian- A vibrator. It’s one of those crack gifts. And to get you back for telling the whole word I have a vibrator, when I don’t ;)

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